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What is slow looking?

A monthly instalment of art writing centred around a single artwork or exhibition. I ask ‘what do you see’ of a different artwork, and explore what critics have thought about it over time.

If you ever wondered why some artworks elicit strong responses, or why we love or loath them today, you might enjoy this! I am fascinated by changing attitudes to art and artists and the divergent ways they are valued. How can a single painting be worth $$ while another, perhaps older, even ancient artwork, not be?

Slow Looking is released monthly, on the third Saturday of the month and occasionally features bonus exhibition reviews.

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Who is the author?

I’m Dr Nikita Vanderbyl and I’m thrilled you’re reading this. Writing about art is my passion. When I’m not thinking about what to put in the newsletter, I teach and research Australian history from the unceded lands of the Barkindji people in far western NSW.

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Looking slowly at a different artwork each month and exploring what critics have thought over time. Sent monthly, this newsletter is mostly focused on Australia and includes occasional exhibition reviews and essays.


I'm an art historian and historian living in regional Australia on unceded Paakantyi Country.