Suggest an artworkEach month I look at an artwork and look into what critics thought about it over time. What do you think I should look at next? Suggest an artwo…
Exploring history painting with Gordon Hookey.
Looking at personal lives and public selves in the work of Tracey Emin. This edition discusses strong themes originating in the artist's life, take…
Mildura Art Centre's recent exploration of histories and identities in the south and west, curated by Jane Polkinghorne and Gareth Hart
Looking at John Brack and thinking about interpretation
Pronounced "tar-nan-dee", this yearly celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts, takes me across borders and cultures
The dot in all its glory on and off the canvas with Yayoi Kusama
It's the 90s and we're looking at Australian Aboriginal artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye
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